Welcome to the new home of Ioline Support, Parts and Repair
After nearly 40 years of building quality machines for the architectural, apparel, vinyl, embroidery and rhinestone industries,
Ioline has closed its doors for good. I worked at Ioline for 26 of those years and I couldn't let Ioline fade away.
So I continued Ioline machine support, parts and repair on my own. I hope to offer the same support I was able to provide with Ioline.


All sign cutter and 300 system blades are back in stock.

5/10/24 - Belts are back in stock!
Belts for most machines are now available.

5/9/24 - Filters Back in Stock!
If you are experiencing dropped rhinestones on your CrystalPress-II, there's a chance the pump filter is clogged. CrystalPress-II Filter Kits are now available.

Phone: (425) 398-8282
Email: russellk@ioline.com